Yes. This paragraph. So much. We live in a society that tells us to medicate the emotions away instead of examining those emotions and their root causes. When we resist the emotions and our inner Gremlins, they get more intense, which can then reinforce the belief that they need medicating. However, leaning in, loving our emotions, befriending our inner gremlins and being kind to ourselves can result in significant improvement. And yes, maybe medication will help, but as you said, “current treatment options may overlook symptoms of a larger societal problem.” There’s nothing wrong with medicating, but I believe it should be done in conjunction with learning to function in the world. (I say this as someone who experiences bouts of depression and anxiety.)

We’re not broken. We live in an overwhelming world. Feeling emotions intensely isn’t a flaw. Sometimes we need help to cope, but we still need to cope.

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