-Yes, but people like to tweet about the minutiae on their life. It’s one of the purposes of social media. :)

-People like to begin or participate in a good political crusade on social media. I think that it’s part of the human needs to connect and be validated. I also sometimes think that there’s a competition over who can be more “woke”. Said competition might be subconscious, but this too is related to validation and the need to connect.

-Even before that viral tweet on Twitter, the FXX TV show You’re the Worst had a scene with a leg-washing joke. It went something like this:

Gretchen: “Sorry I took so long in the shower. I was washing my legs.”
Jimmy: “You mean, shaving your legs?”
Gretchen: “No, washing my legs.”

(I googled to remind myself what season of the series this was in and found an interview from 2016 that gives the backstory of how it came up in the writers’ room.)

I, therefore, assumed that choosing to wash certain bodyparts over others was common but not discussed (nor needed to be).

Personally, I often just wash my “pits and bits”, especially in winter when my legs are covered by pants. It’s not political, it’s efficient, enables me to shower more quickly, and helps keep the skin on my legs from drying and flaking.

On Twitter, conversations are often interpreted as political when they’re not.

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