Yep. I totally get it. Last year, I finally got prescription meds but the fact that they’re “most effective” taken before a migraine actually hits — emphasized by both my doctor and the pharmacist - is problematic. I know that weather and being confined to small spaces are among my triggers. I recently experienced the latter during a three-bus commute that lasted nearly 2 hours during rush hour. Stabby pain + migraine nausea + moving vehicle + standing room only + hot bus +winter coat, etc. I considered asking someone to give up their seat for me but didn’t. A migraine is like a temporary invisible handicap.

In the end, I usually take CBD oil (or other formats of endocannabinoid) for pain relief and lie in a dark, quiet room. I know people whose migraines are much more intense than mine. I’ve heard stories of ER visits. I rarely see “auras”. I don’t vomit, though sometimes nausea makes me wish I would.

One of the things that strike me: This article really resonates with me but I’m not sure I’d have otherwise thought to write about migraines because I wouldn’t know if anyone would want to read it. Although I often write for myself, this story is a reminder that you never know who will find your writing and connect with it. I found it in the daily newsletter because a couple of people I follow applauded it.

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