Yep. I once heard a media mogul say something like, “There are no new ideas, only ways to repackage old ones.” I believe that new ideas exist, but they’re rare. Everyone has a unique perspective, but there are only so many ways you can write about something.

Plagiarism sucks. Few creators are in the position to take legal action, and the time and energy to do so likely aren’t worth it.

I had a long comment here about my thoughts on pirating, but once again I’ve taken my initial response to one of your posts and created my own with it.* Here’s a Friend Link to that. Let me know if it’s not okay for me to drop my own links in responses to your posts.

*(It would have been the third in the past week, but I left one of your posts open in a tab to remind myself to use it as a writing prompt and then completely forgot what I wanted to say.)

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