[verb] or get off the [noun]

Photo by NICOLAS TESSARI on Unsplash

This story is more pleasant than the previous one, and is something that dog owners will understand:

While walking my dog, it occurred to me that a more accurate alternative to “Shit or get off the pot” would be this:

Here’s why:

A dog will sniff out a spot, and change their mind, and wander in circles, and sniff, and amble, and sniff. And after all that, they might decide that it’s the WRONG LAWN to pee on. Two days ago I urged out loud, “Pee or get off the lawn!” and I realized that it’s a metaphor for life.

Sometimes I sniff but don’t "pee”. I suss out the situation. I consider it. I wander from lawn to lawn, metaphorically speaking. Eventually, though, you’ve got to mark your territory. Ultimately you have to find a spot in which to relieve yourself and do what you went on that walk to do. (Okay, it might not be a perfect metaphor.)

What’s your lawn? Why are you sniffing instead of peeing?

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