This is great. I sometimes use Evernote to take notes.

Your method doesn’t work for library books, but that’s where bookmarks can be used. It’s not as efficient (the need to reread the entire page later, as you mentioned) but it gets the job done.

Currently, when I’m reading e-books borrowed from the library, I screenshot pages I want to refer to into Evernote, which gets visually messy but at least the text is searchable.

For paper library books I sometimes take photos or go right to transcribing, but taking notes by hand takes more time than I usually have the patience for.

Your method takes it further. I like that.

I’ve recently started listening to audiobooks more, and I sometimes use an audio transcription app to capture passages and then import them into Evernote. (The transcription app I use is Otter because it’s what I found when I searched for one, but any app might work as long as you can import it.)

All that said, I rarely refer back to my notes, and while I want to say that this will be my new method, I suspect that I’ll try it and then abandon it. Getting 10x of anything is naturally more effort and time-consuming, so requires more dedication.

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