That's how I feel about this article.

I almost clapped for this after reading the headline alone, but I didn't want to be a hypocrite. 😀

Last week after I read the comments on someone else's Medium story, I had one of those "You know better than to read the comments." moments.

There was a comment from someone attempting to provide proof that the author lacked credibility. However, there was no "Gotcha!" The post was interview-based and had Dear Commentor read past the headline, they'd have seen that.

Dear Commentor - 100% anonymous with no Medium stories of their own, no profile photo and no name - failed to read that the author was not the expert who provided the information in the headline. Instead, the hook in the headline came from a credible professional. Furthermore, the author had linked to that professional's website at the start of the second paragraph just past the introduction. 🤦‍♀️

It seems (I'm speculating) the person's defenses kicked in before they read past the headline and they couldn't hold in their frustration long enough to read before commenting.

It boggles my mind.

People create scripts in their minds, and they can't deviate from those scripts. They become stuck in that narrative, which can play in a loop, occupying a lot of time and mental space. We sometimes come to conversations with preconceived notions, biases and goals. If someone says something we don't expect (off-script), it throws us off. I realize that this is human nature. Changing the script is the basis of many self-help books.

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