Somewhere recently — and it might have been one of your articles — I read a phrase that went something like, “Writers want their work to be seen but they don’t want to be seen.” That, and what you wrote here, resonate with me. I’m an introvert and I don’t like scrutiny but I want people to see my writing.

Way back in the early days of blogging, my second phase of blogging was on a platform called LiveJournal. I liked it because I could choose my audience (in the way that Facebook allows filters). However, that wouldn’t serve me anymore.

I realize that if I’m going to put myself out there in a public place, I need to put myself OUT THERE and ignore the imposter syndrome, the fear of having to defend myself, etc.

I’m also a social media expert, but I’d rather promote other people. :)

Digital Marketing Manager | Freelance Writer | ADHD Coach for adults | Available for hire.

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