So much of that resonates with me, as does the comment that Dennett left (I rarely re-read journals and have burned many). I used to keep several notebooks — each with a purpose, then one notebook when I noticed myself using one for everything. The single notebook routine worked for at least a year, but in the end, my life lives in Evernote because it’s always on my phone within reach, it’s searchable, and makes it easy for me to classify areas of my life to stay organized. I have several notebooks and sub-notebooks.

Several years ago after using it for many years, I upgraded to the premium version so that I could access my notes everywhere, online or offline. I also organize my life on spreadsheets. Problems arise when I don’t remember whether I put something into Evernote or Google Drive, search both and can’t find it either place. :)

I say all this, and yet I currently have two paper notebooks within arm’s reach. I use to buy fancy day planners, and truthfully, there are so many that I want to buy, but I know my history of buying them and not using them. (Such as two versions of Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map Planner.) When I discover a day planner that I like in stores, I sometimes take photos of it for reference because I want to create and distribute my own. One of my tasks for this week is to find all of those photos and put them together in one place.

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