Outgrowing My Imposter Syndrome

Shhh… don’t wake my gremlins.

1. Outgrowing Imposter Syndrome

Some of it is age and experience. Life experience has given me confidence. It’s provided more positive encounters and examples of ways I don’t suck. Time has provided me with practice to excel.

2. Working on my self

A few years ago, I was released from a contract job early. I know that it was my fault. While both set expectations and feedback lacked, it was ultimately my lack of confidence that held me back. I didn’t deliver action or results because I didn’t believe in myself. I was scared. I procrastinated. I felt out of my depth. Even though I’d worked hard to get the job and provided portfolio examples, and although they clearly saw potential in me, I didn’t see it in myself.

3. Faith, and a life-changing premonition

Photo by Dyaa Eldin on Unsplash

4. High vibration manifesting

This morning, I reached the final chapter of the book Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein, the Kindle edition of which I pre-ordered in late July for the book’s late September release. I began reading the book a few weeks ago.

High vibes, positive energy, fewer worry

What does “Super Attractor” have to do with imposter syndrome?


Last Sunday, November 17, I wrote in my journal precisely the type of job I want and what salary I desire. It’s not the first time I’ve done this. I’ve done those “perfect day” visioning exercises before with no results, but this wasn’t a full visioning exercise, it was a word dump of preferences. My journal is often a word dump. My thoughts, fears and aspirations get scrawled onto the page. Sometimes the writing very much feels like it’s coming from my mind, or my ego, sometimes it feels like it’s coming from my heart, and sometimes I feel like the words aren’t even mine. It’s particularly cool when my handwriting, usually sloppy, suddenly becomes neat and legible. Sometimes I joke, “Who wrote that??”

Do you understand “manifestation”?

A lot of people are under the misapprehension that manifestation requires no action, only desire and positive thinking or positive energy. Of course, it requires action. It takes spiritually aligned action.

children on dock
children on dock
Image by Esther Merbt from Pixabay

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