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“I’ve learned to be comfortable with discomfort.”

Funny how themes keep coming up in one’s life.

Repeating concepts

I’ve written about discomfort several times recently, here and in other places (often time I either cross-post or modify articles for various audiences).


I used to avoid pain as much as possible, but I know that it’s a tool for growth. I also know that if you don’t run from difficult situations, you can find a beautiful peace on the other side. I’ve experienced this.

Consider the source of the discomfort

Instead of reaching for instant relief — physical or emotional — ask what the discomfort of pain is about. Is your headache the result of dehydration? Drink water. Is your arm sore because of the way you slept? Consider your bedding situation. Are you experiencing fatigue? Consider what you ate, how you slept, what your stress level is and other contributing factors.

I can relate this to bagels

Yesterday I got frustrated while making keto-friendly bagels. My fat head dough was crumbly, and I couldn’t roll it out. I thought I’d ruined the mixture and failed this baking project. I spent a few moments contemplating what to do.

Image taken from the WTFpod tweet linked above.

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