Oh, Livejournal. I made friends through Livejournal. I liked that I could choose who could see which posts and I enjoyed the icon packs. Sometimes I think that the internet has become more of a cesspool over the years, then I remember that it’s always been had a seedy side. Also, being old, I get a little bit excited when someone references Godwin’s Law in any way. Perhaps one of the problems is that there are too many websites trying to do the same thing. There’s too much content.

As others have said, the internet is what you make of it. You have the tools to use it in whatever way suits you at the time.

Maybe it’s time for you to seek more offline hobbies or take an offline working vacation at a farm through your Modern Farmer connections. Or, as someone else said in their reply, read a book. (I know, the horror, but some fiction might be beneficial for you, giving you a break from all the research reading that I assume you do.)

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