New Story About a New Story About Mental Health

“woman sitting on bed while holding mug” by Asdrubal luna on Unsplash

I imported a story from my website’s blog but because it was originally posted a year ago, it’s WAY down in my list of stories and people looking at my writing from my profile page might not easily find it, and they might think that I hadn’t been updating my little section of the Medium world (not to be confused with The Medium Place in the TV show The Good Place).

The story is called, “World Mental Health Awareness Day”. It begins with the words, “I wrote this a year ago in my own blog. This is a reposting, only slightly edited”.

I suppose that if imported stories include the original date, it would be best to copy and paste old stories with the same “Originally published at” note at the bottom.

In case you didn’t click the link above, read it here.

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