More Jews Were Shot At Today

Photo by Joe Pregadio on Unsplash

A shooting at a California synagogue today — the last day of Passover — left at least one person dead and several others wounded.

Update: If you like this post, check out the next rant I executed on Twitter. It’s about people from other marginalized groups complaining that they feel left out of the discussion.

A woman has died and a rabbi was injured.

I saw the news via breaking news email in my inbox. Immediately, I went to Twitter. Then CBC and CNN.

Six months to the day after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

After skimming the CBC report and before visiting CNN, I typed out a tweet in response to the shooting. I edited the tweet and made sure it was close-to-perfect. After spending a few minutes with a thesaurus, I gave up trying to articulate my exact feelings. I posted. I paused.

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