Long time reader, first-time caller. Confession of a Longtime Blogger

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Hello, people of Medium!

Long time reader, first-time caller.

Do people introduce themselves in the first post/story? If so, what parts of themselves do they reveal? How much do they share? Hrm.

I’ve been feeling pulled to start posting on Medium. At first, it was a gentle tug, and then that tug got stronger. After reading some recommended posts (er, stories) via Medium Daily Digest, I decided to challenge myself to post five times a week for the month, perhaps longer than one month. Says my intuition, “Something’s going to come of this! Opportunities will result!”

I’m old and I’ve been blogging for a long time

I’ve been blogging in some form or another since the mid-90s. We called them “online journals” and shared parts of our lives on our websites. Some of us hand-coded (HTML, then HTML and CSS), some of us used Netscape’s “WYSIWYG” editor. Some used other content management systems — such as they were. Then there were the LiveJournal years. I liked those because I could choose my audience. There was a blog about anything and everything, a writing blog, a food blog, a food blog again that often had a health angle, then I rebranded to a health and wellness website that was intended to sell other people’s stuff, and the I rebranded again to my current website.

Confession time

I secretly think that blogging is a narcissist activity and so once I started writing for an audience wider than my friends I wrote with the mission of educating. Before everyone showed off on social media, they showed off in their blogs. “Look at me!”

Editorial calendar? I can write one in my sleep

(But whether or not I follow it…)

Let’s see how this experiment shapes up. My editorial calendar is filling up. Some stories will be pulled from my website, and there will be a lot of originals as well. Articles will vary in length. One challenge that I anticipate — perhaps wrongly- will be to post shorter pieces. I tend to be verbose, and also do a ton of research. I recently began a post that was going to be a simple recipe and ended up writing a 1300-word piece. ADHD hyperfocus (and nerdiness) FTW. Posting every day requires brevity, I think.

The night I scheduled this story (the first time) I googled for writing prompts and went to bed before I noted any. The next day I opened an email that was sent two days ago. It wasn’t an email about writing prompts, it contained seven weekly challenges, but those naturally provided writing prompts. Watch for the first one tomorrow.

And on that note, onward. I’m writing this two days before I intend to publish and hope to have a few more drafts ready to schedule by the end of Monday.

And in conclusion…

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Happy April, new readers. Say “hi” below!

Digital Marketing Manager | Freelance Writer | ADHD Coach for adults | Available for hire. http://andreawrites.ca.

Digital Marketing Manager | Freelance Writer | ADHD Coach for adults | Available for hire. http://andreawrites.ca.