I’ve always been reluctant to try the pre-cooked meal delivery services. However, I am a member of one of the meal kit delivery services. I skip most weeks now (especially since I got stricter with my “keto eating”) but I like to convenience of having just the right amount of ingredients and knowing that I can modify anything. Once I’d had a few boxes of meals, I figured out what I’d need to modify before I started cooking to make it suit my tastes more.

I haven’t tried any keto boxes yet, nor have I researched to see if there are any such services here in Canada. I’m sure there are. I had a free sample of a paleo one over a year ago. Everyone has different nutritional needs, though, especially those on keto diets. I’d wonder about that. I don’t count carbs, but I stick to high fat, no sugar, no carb. Basically, fat for brain health and no foods that can cause inflammation (some might also call that an autoimmune protocol).

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