It is about making life easier for people. I’d originally typed, “It is about solving pain points”, but that sounded too much like jargon.

Moreover, everyone can benefit from convenience, even if there isn’t a pain point involved. (I mean, is putting on pants to visit the store a “pain point”? No, but having stuff delivered to you instead of looking for clean pants to put on is easier. We’re way too spoiled in 2019.)

Solve problems. Make life easier.

I use Jotforms (free) for one of my businesses. They were the only free form I could find that I could program to create an automatic price estimate. It saved the business hours of work. It made life easier. It solved a pain point.

Also, I appreciated Jotform’s mailing list integration and their customer service was great when I needed it.

Another take on the article is the adage about not selling products, selling lifestyles — or selling emotion, or selling stories. Customer first.

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