Is An Emotion an Attainable Goal?

“If happiness is what I want, if happiness is something that I would want to feel more of in my life, how do I achieve that?” — Actor Chris Sullivan


Usefulness is fulfilling. Fulfillment is happiness.

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How This Has Affected My Work Life

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…And my family business

Usefulness Through Writing

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Give for the sake of giving, or give for the sake of making someone else feel good?

Love for the sake of being loved, or love for the sake of loving? And does it matter?

The balance of ‘selfless’ and ‘selfish.’

Giving is an energy exchange

Giving For the Sake of Acknowledgement

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Giving To Get Love in Return

Giving To Be Liked

A Problem With the Concept of Usefulness For Happiness

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Vanity metrics


Your turn

I don’t know how to credit for this photo, but I took it from the episode’s web page.

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