The oldies are in abundant supply here as well: the same Jane Fonda videos my mom owned on VHS, the Tae Bo I punched and kicked along with in PE class, the wacky Richard Simmons aerobics I fell in love with during Girl Scouts sleepovers at my troop leader’s house.

I owned Alyssa Milano’s Teen Steam video. Yes, it’s on YouTube.

I regularly do Yoga with Adriene and follow along to her calendars. Benji is the best. Before I discovered Adriene, I used Brett Larkin’s videos a lot but wanted to change it up. I find that exercising with multiple instructors is helpful. With different metaphors & ways of explaining poses, sometimes an instruction clicks in a way in never did before.

I’ve also recently discovered Sadie Nardini who leads workouts that are a combination of yoga and high impact.

The YouTube Roku app was a game changer. Like when my mom used Jane Fonda’s videos, and I did the Buns of Steel series on VHS, working out on a big TV screen rather than a laptop or something smaller is significant.

Final note: I exercise at home rather than a gym or yoga studio to save money and time. I do it daily and even 10 minutes count. We all have our reasons to choose a home practice. I had a membership with one of the online yoga instructors for a while and will sign up for another when I have the available income because I want to support these excellent teachers. I sometimes miss the physical adjustments that a good instructor makes in class.

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