I love this. The article was recommended to me in my Medium Daily Digest under the “Best in Wellness” heading. Coincidentally, I discovered Adriene and Benji last month or so after several months off yoga. I’d been doing Brett Larkin’s videos for years, and while she’s awesome and I like her videos and lessons a lot, I needed a change.

Adriene is fun and relatable and her little jokes are hilarious. I do her videos almost daily, trying to follow along with the monthly calendar, in the mornings.

Like Benji, my dog sometimes sits on or near my mat. (I’ve wondered if Benji has ever peed on HER mat.) I’ve followed along with Brett once or twice since discovering Adriene, but I feel that Adriene is who I need right now. I’m picky about yoga teachers.

Because of your story, I‘m considering asking my partner if he’d do yoga with me. Thanks for sharing your story and for telling readers about Adriene and Benji.

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