I just found this post via my Medium Daily Digest (don’t you love that??) and wanted to offer my agreement.

Years ago, a writer/blogger that I admire said to me, “Andrea, don’t call yourself a blogger, call yourself a writer. You write.”

I realized that calling myself a “blogger” rather than a “writer” was a confidence thing.

Now, I suppose that if I’m only writing online — that is, on my websites and Medium — maybe I am a blogger. But blogging is a type of writing. Furthermore, my blog motto has always been, “Write to educate” rather than to be a personal diary — though it occurs to me that the writing I do on Medium is more diary-like than any other blog I’ve had other than Livejournal. When I post personal essays to Medium, I hope that they connect with people who have shared experiences. Other people’s stories inspire many of my posts.

A voice in my head questions whether, by making a distinction between “writing” and “blogging,” I’m judging and looking down on blogging, and maybe I am, but that’s for further introspection if I care enough to do so.

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