I disagree — and I apologize for that because I don’t know your background and I don’t want to sound impolite. You might be way more knowledgeable than I am.

First of all, from what I’ve read, Google doesn’t penalize duplicate content. (I searched for validation and found these sources: Search Engine Land, Neil Patel here and here and others.)

Even if duplicate content were an issue, I don’t believe that most food bloggers would know about it. I think that most are unaware of Google’s algorithm and SEO. I think it comes down to the fact that people like to talk about themselves and given a platform to do so, they will.

Look at Yelp, for example. Before I learned why Yelp is evil for businesses (a whole other conversation), I disliked it because reviewers would provide long, irrelevant narratives about their lives before actually reviewing the establishment.

If I go to a review site, I want to read about the experience of the business itself, not the whole life story leading up to it, unless it’s pertinent.

-The restaurant made your proposal or birthday dinner extra special? Okay. How you met your spouse, your dating story, then the unrelated proposal? No. How you contracted the illness that the restaurant accommodated? Hell, no. Give me the freakin’ review. Leave the story for your blog.

And if that blog is recipe-focused: Provide only the recipe or give the option to skip the story and go straight to the recipe. (Though most bloggers also don’t know about named anchors and links because most bloggers never learned HTML or figured out what the icon in the CMS toolbar is for.)

Wordpress has some good schema plugins that make recipe websites stand out in a Google search.

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