Hi Pam,

Thank you for caring and commenting.

It sounds like you’ve assumed that I’ve never been suicidal. You’re wrong about that. While I acknowledged my privilege in the article, I think that there are opportunities in the situations you’ve mentioned. That’s my opinion based on stories I’ve read about people who have gotten out.

My experience is mine and won’t apply to everyone. What I wrote in the article won’t even apply to me every day, because depression is different from day-to-day. I’m sure there are days when I’ll think “The Andrea I was on February 15, 2021, was full of shit.” That’s part of my inner work and journey.

Your experience is yours. I respect and honor that. Because we can only speak on behalf of what we’ve lived and witnessed, you don’t know for certain that every person with severe depression and suicidal thoughts will reject what I have to say. It varies from person-to-person and, as I suggested above, from day-to-day. No one can dismiss anyone else’s experiences because they’re ours to own.

We speak from our own struggles and stories and hope that the words resonate with some people, even if they don’t resonate with every person.

Be well.

Digital Marketing Manager | Freelance Writer | ADHD Coach for adults | Available for hire. http://andreawrites.ca.

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