Halloween Costume Anxiety

I’m a Cow. On Halloween.

Costumes are supposed to be fun, and so many people are fantastic at coming up with ideas & even making their own. Not me.

Costumes give me anxiety, and as a Jew, I have Halloween & Purim. That’s twice the annual anxiety. Yep, that tracks. 😏

Here’s why dressing up in costume makes me anxious:

  1. Choosing a costume. Decisions!
  2. Physical comfort.

It’s mostly #1, though. The choice! I have trouble making decisions anyhow.

I’m slightly envious of people who make their own amazingly creative costumes. I’m mostly impressed. What does that say about my creativity?

When I do wear a costume, it has to be comfortable. No “slutty” outfit for me. Are we still allowed to say “slutty” in 2019? I occasionally make a “Slutty Pumpkin” reference.

Ditch the heels, give me comfort

I joke that I always strive to wear pyjama-based costumes. Walmart has a bunch of barnyard animal onesies (so does Giant Tiger — a Canadian chain — and Amazon). As a result, I’m a cow this year. My boyfriend got a pig onesie last year.

Weeks after I bought the onesie — I bought it in early October because of my tendency to procrastinate and miss my chance, I said, “I’m going to be a cow.” aloud and heard it. 😂

Enter The Matrix

One of my favorite costumes from the past which wasn’t pyjama-based and did include heels: Trinity from The Matrix.

It was a movie-themed Halloween party in the early 2000s.

I remember being unusually inspired.

Of course, I didn’t look as good as Carrie Anne Moss, but who does?

The costume components:

PVC pants that were HOT (I eventually threw them out), a fake leather (vinyl) belted jacket that I got at a thrift store and that I kept for several years, black gloves that I think I still have (at least one of them), ankle boots with a heel and I slicked my hair back.

I do not remember what I wore beneath the jacket, but no, I was not naked. It was likely a shiny sleeveless top of some sort. I wish I had a photo, but I don’t remember if anyone took any. If I can track one down, I’ll update this post.

Years later, I found Halloween candy in the jacket pocket.

Question for you: Do you like dressing up in costume? What was your favorite Halloween costume? Do you have a go-to?

Because I have an Android phone and Google Photos, I can give you the movie version of one of the photos, which I converted into a GIF for Medium.

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