100%. I did that 30-day challenge with Adriene and for months I followed her monthly plans. She was my primary online yoga instructor for nearly a year. Before I found her, I was regularly following Brett Larkin’s channel. Currently, I mostly follow Sadie Nardini, who specializes in alignment, which is a game-changer. All three are excellent instructors. In all my years of doing yoga both in studio and to videos, I’ve found that each teacher brings something different and sometimes a different metaphor or instruction can make my pose happen.

I miss in-class instruction because I like getting hands-on corrections, but classes haven’t been in my budget in a while. Even when I pay for online yoga memberships, the monthly cost is a fraction of what it would cost to practice in a studio.
(I suspect that lower set-up costs and the ability to reach more people make it more cost effective for the teacher too, though I don’t actually know what it costs to make a yoga video. Of course, it costs money to hire a video team or buy or rent AV equipment if it’s filmed by the instructor’s own team.)

I go to the occasional class, but it’s rare now that I have access to awesome yoga instructors in my living room.

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